OBA's Profile

Born: February 04
One cannot have over 2 decades of Musical experience and mastery yet be considered ordinary. The person of Bamike Adeyemi as a wife-mother and OBA as a gospel artiste, writer and author is fused in one. Her Petite frame does not belittle her audacious voice, No it does not. There is power, presence and passion wrapped and laced within that voice.

The name OBA came after a near death experience as a fresh undergraduate in the then, Ondo State University Ado-Ekiti, it was in this experience that she was given a mandate by God, a mandate to “Make a divine statement with an African signature”. It was in view of this, she was given the name OBA and a scripture in Ecclesiastes 8:4, “Where the word of the king is, there is power”. She also received express instruction to use these 3 tools as her medium of expressing God given life mandate - Sing it! Say it! Write it!

Starting her music journey as a young child who was always surrounded by music playing in the house, at a tender age she was constantly listening to the likes of Lijadu Sisters, King Sunny Ade, Sunny Okosun, Bongos Ikwe and many more. Her later life influences include Yolanda Adams, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Indie Arie and Shirley Ceasar. OBA released her first Album in 2002 titled – Simply Divine with the hit track – Ilu Mi Nigeria and with her second album “Akoda” (a fusion of Jazz, Soul. R n B sautéed with deep African vocabularies) coming 10 years later after a musical hiatus with hit tracks like “Were Were” and “Ko si eni bi re”.

She is currently working on her third album (Soon to be released) and has released 3 singles - Ilu Nazareti, Mo ke pe Jesu and God’s excellence which is available for download on major music apps and websites.
A contagious worshipper, unapologetic lover of JESUS CHRIST Oba has had the opportunity of working and sharing platforms with the likes of Olufunmi, Nathaniel Bassey, Wale Adenuga, Kunle Ajayi to mention a few. She is the host of “An evening with OBA & Friends”, a regular music outreach.

She is married to her legend of a husband, Adewale Simeon Adeyemi - A world class drummer (Currently the first Yamaha Drums endorsee in Nigeria) and musician. Oba is also a blogger and author of the book – The trials of Faith. She is a Youth Advocate, passionate about young people; she believes has been given the responsibility to propel young people to pursue their God given destiny, this she carries out on her mentoring and coaching platform for young adults called MEREA CONNECTS.

Merea Connects is all about Mentoring through intentional relationship.
OBA is married with 3 boys. She is available on Twitter as @obapathway, Instagram as @obamusic1 and Facebook as obamusic1.

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