Artist Paige’s new music project, “Preludes”, is out now on Spotify.

The album is a collaboration between Paige, who has been releasing music since 2010, and the composer of the music “The Day I Was Born.”

The record will be released digitally on October 31, and will be available on iTunes and on Spotify as well.

Artist Paegas new album is available now on #Spotify and

Check out the cover art below: Paige sings “The Morning I Was born” and has a song called “Prophets” on the record.

The song is from her debut album, “The Night I Was Made.”

Paige also shared the song’s lyrics on Instagram.

“The morning I was born” is a very important song for me and I wanted to do a song about it because I love being a part of a band and the power of music.

Paige wrote, “My goal with this album was to capture the essence of what I am feeling and creating a record that I am proud to be a part to.

This record will hopefully be a reflection of what this moment was for me, but also a reflection on what I was meant to do when I was a kid and the incredible things that we could accomplish.”

In addition to music, Paige is also collaborating with a new film production company.

“Pursuit of Happiness” is about a woman who decides to follow her passion for painting and create an art project, and becomes interested in a painting by a friend who she met through art school.

Paeges story about this painting is told in “Pregnancy,” and the film will be filmed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

“I’m very excited about this project,” Paige said.

“It’s going to be the best experience of my life and my family and my friends have ever had.”

Artist Paigas newest album “Pregnant” is available on #Amazon and #SpotioMusic.

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