Spotify, the streaming music service owned by Google, Apple and Facebook, is set to join a new partnership in Silicon Valley that aims to make it easier for users to find and share music and movies across all three companies’ platforms.

The announcement on Thursday by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said the company will help users find, listen and share their favorite content, while Apple will partner with Spotify to provide the ability to stream movies and TV shows across its iTunes and Apple TV streaming services.

Ek said in a blog post that the partnership will create a single platform for artists, publishers and content creators to reach new audiences.

It also is aimed at helping users find music they might have missed on Spotify, where they are not necessarily able to discover the content they need, he said.

The companies will work together to develop an innovative content discovery platform that can help people discover and discover new content from all three services, Ek said.

Spotify’s announcement follows recent reports that Apple is in talks to acquire Beats Electronics, the music streaming service that has grown into a dominant player in the music-streaming industry.

The acquisition would likely give Apple greater control over its music service and its products, but it could also leave Spotify’s music service with an even smaller market share than it currently has.