How to buy music for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on Spotify, Apple Music, or another music streaming service using your phone’s data connection.1.

Get an Apple ID.2.

Set up an Apple Account.3.

Sign into your Spotify account.4.

Click on “Settings.”5.

Select “Manage your Music” from the pop-up menu.6.

Tap “Add to Spotify” and fill in the information.7.

Choose the “Playback Settings” section.8.

Under “Playlists,” select the “Subscribers” tab and add “My Music” to your list of subscriptions.9.

Enter your Spotify password in the pop up.10.

Select your account and click “Continue.”11.

You’re done.

You’re now logged into Spotify and your data connection is set up.

Your music will be available on any of the services listed below.

If you’re using Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, make sure to make sure you’re signed into that Spotify account on your computer.

If not, click here to sign up for an Apple Music account on the iTunes Store.