A group of music industry giants, including KKR Music, the world’s largest music learning software company, and Island Music, announced Monday they have merged to form Spotify.

The move brings Spotify’s digital music learning services to the cloud and gives the streaming giant a larger user base than ever before.

KKR will continue to operate its KKR Learning software in the United States and its Island Music subsidiary will remain open in Canada, the companies said in a joint statement.

Spotify is the world leader in streaming music.KKR is the largest music education software company in the world, with more than 1.5 million students and more than 20,000 staff.

The acquisition was announced Monday in the company’s annual shareholder letter.KRB’s business model is to build and manage music learning products that deliver personalized learning, personalized learning experiences and personalized learning solutions.

Spotify, which was founded in 2012 by former Apple Music CEO Sean Parker and former KKR vice president of business development, Jason Cramer, is based in Mountain View, California.

The merged company will also have a new chairman, KKR Chairman and CEO David Schoenfeld.

The board of directors is expected to meet in October.

In an earnings call, Schoenfield said Spotify will continue in the U.S. market, which KKR’s business is currently growing in, but will not be in Canada.

He also said that KKR is “not a standalone entity in the music market.”KRB and Island will combine to provide Spotify with about a quarter of the market share for the services they currently offer.

The combined company will have a team of about 3,000 employees.

Schoenfeld, who joined KKR in May, is a former president and chief operating officer of Apple Music.

In 2018, he joined Apple as a senior vice president, general counsel and general manager.

He previously served as president of KKR.

Schneiderfeld is also the co-founder of the music technology company Lattice Music, which he joined in 2015.

Lattice has been a pioneer in the development of music education apps and has recently partnered with Apple Music to build its own music learning app for iOS and Android devices.

It has also built a music learning platform for other platforms, including Apple TV.

Schreinfeld is a founder of the Boston-based music education company New Music Academy.

His son is the head of New Music Academies, a Boston-area-based company.

Karrr Music, an independent digital music platform, launched in 2018.

Karrr’s platform provides students with the ability to learn and play music from over 300,000 music and video files, as well as access a community of like-minded students.

Kerr also operates a music education and licensing business.

Its services include digital audio and video, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The music industry is still recovering from the fallout from the music streaming scandal that began last year when dozens of celebrities and musicians were accused of defrauding millions of users of millions of dollars.

The investigation was eventually dropped, but allegations of fraud continued to mount.