Roundabout music is a new music company from Australia and the first in the world to make it online.

The company is building a network of music companies across Australia and New Zealand, providing them with digital licensing opportunities and content for their content.

The move is a major shift for the industry, which has long been dominated by a handful of major labels.

Roundabout Music’s platform aims to create a single platform that allows musicians to connect with audiences worldwide and to distribute their music to the whole world, including Australia.

The new company has partnered with a number of major Australian labels including Universal Music, Aussie labels One Direction, and Big Hit.

The music industry has been struggling with music piracy for years, with many bands struggling to find a sustainable way to survive in the digital age.

While the digital music industry in Australia has been growing steadily in recent years, the music industry as a whole has been declining, with only half of all Australians listening to music online, according to a report from Music Industry Australia.

In Australia, there are currently 1.3 million people aged 18 and over listening to digital music on a regular basis.

The numbers are expected to continue to fall, with the number of users in Australia expected to decrease by 3.2 million in 2021, according the report.

The industry has struggled to grow in the face of the increased popularity of digital music and the popularity of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

As the industry struggles to compete, roundabout Music is looking to diversify its business.

The digital music business in Australia is expected to be worth around $30 million in the next three years, according Reuters.

In 2018, Roundabout began offering music-focused music subscriptions for people over 50.

The subscription is based on a two-year contract and includes access to the Roundabout website, a digital radio station, the Roundhouse app and a range of other digital services, including music, podcasts and music streaming services.

The business is expected hit profitability in 2019, according a spokesperson for Roundabout.

The roundabout app will be a subscription-based music service that has already been downloaded more than 150 million times.

The app will also offer a range on the Roundtrack platform, which is a music-based online music player.

The Roundtrack is currently used by more than 600,000 users around the world, with a subscriber base of over 1.4 million, according Roundabout’s website.

The services are expected be rolled out over the next few years, and the Roundtable will continue to offer a variety of digital radio services.

As a music company and a company focused on the digital industry, Roundtable is keen to take a more proactive approach to its digital business, the spokesperson said.

“We are a new company and we are still in the early days, but we are really excited about this opportunity and look forward to building on this,” the spokesperson told ESPN.

“As an industry we have been focusing on the music, digital and social industries, but now we have this opportunity to really get our foot in the door in a whole new industry and see how it works.”

Roundabout, a new Australian music company with music and content licensing deals with the likes of One Direction and Big Bang, is building the RoundTrack Music service to connect music companies to the rest of the world.

This is a big step for Australia, where roundabout has partnered up with Universal Music Australia, the major Australian music publisher, for its new roundabout platform.

The relationship with Universal is important because it represents a significant opportunity for Roundtable to tap into the Australian market.

The partnership with Universal will give the Roundtop platform the ability to license content to other major labels like Warner Music Group, Warner Music Australia and Apple, among others, which could lead to a significant increase in the number and size of the Roundtracks on their platform.

Roundabouts new partnership with Aussie music company Roundabout will provide a free and open music service in Australia, and will be one of the first companies to offer this service to Australians.

The service will also be a platform for the Roundhouses digital radio stations, the most popular podcast platform on the internet.

“Our new roundtable platform will enable us to expand the reach of our platform and create new opportunities for our listeners in the Australian music and media ecosystem,” Roundabout CEO David Jones said in a statement.

“The Roundtable Music service will give Roundtable access to millions of listeners across Australia through an open platform, and also provide Roundtrack listeners the ability get new music content directly from the Roundtree platform.”