You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

A new study shows that a small number of music labels actually rank higher on the iTunes Music Store compared to the big players.

According to the new study, which was conducted by The Nielsen Company, the music industry’s top five labels rank about 20% higher on iTunes than the top five albums by Spotify.

The study, based on an analysis of 1,000 iTunes reviews, also found that some labels rank as high as 25% higher than the best-selling albums by the major labels.

The top-ranked label in the study was Sony Music Entertainment.

The study found that, overall, the top 50 labels are all about 25% more popular than the artists who make up the top 10.

In terms of albums, Apple Music and Spotify have the most popular artists and songs.

But it gets worse.

The Top 10 labels all rank as much as 12% higher compared to their top five peers.

The biggest gap is between the top 5 and the top 20.

The chart below shows how each label is ranked on the charts for all of their songs and albums.

Apple Music and iTunes Music rank as highly as the top ten in each category.

Spotify ranks slightly higher than it does in most categories.

The Top 5 label is at the top of the charts.

In total, the Top 5 are responsible for almost 70% of all sales of songs on iTunes.

Spotify, however, has an even bigger share of total sales than the Top 10.

The bottom half of the chart is filled with artists, albums, and albums in the Top 20.

This section is dominated by artists that have been around for a long time.

The bottom half has almost the same number of songs as the Top 15, with only one artist ranking higher than 20.

The remaining artists are mostly in the middle.