Chinese music company Fubar Music is closing a record store in Austin, Texas, the company announced Thursday.

Fubar is the largest independent record store chain in the world.

It’s a key target for Apple Music, which is looking to compete with big box stores like Target and Walmart.

But Fubars customers are already finding out that it can’t compete with stores like Walmart, which sell the music for less.FUBAR said it plans to close its Austin store in 2018.

The store will be replaced by another Fubarak location, according to the company.

Fukurang said the closure will save Fuburang’s “full-time staff of more than 400 employees, but will leave our fans, community and loyal customers disappointed.”

Fukar Music started in the U-S.

in 2012.

It had its first store in China in 2016 and has more than 20 locations across the world, including in the UK and Hong Kong.

It also has stores in Mexico, Canada, Spain, Brazil and South Korea.