Boston Music has been forced to shut down its entire website and shut down the music company’s YouTube channel after being accused of copyright infringement.

The company’s website and YouTube channel, both of which have been blocked in the past week, have been restored only after a petition was submitted on

In response, the company announced that it will be reopening its music portal to the public on January 31.

“This is a major step forward for Boston’s music industry, and it’s a welcome relief to those who had been struggling to access our music in the months since our closure,” said the company’s general manager, Tom Schmidhuber.

“We’ve been fighting to regain access to our music since the first day we closed our doors.”

However, according to an email sent to Boston Music customers in early December, the music portal has been “frozen” and will be available for anyone to visit in the coming days.

“If you are not familiar with our website, it is a portal that connects Boston musicians to the world of music, providing them with the most current and up-to-date information on our music and music artists,” reads the email, which was obtained by The Jerusalem Press.

“You can see what is happening with the music portals on our site, check out our news section, and listen to our curated music.”

However the Boston Music portal is not a complete loss, as the website is still accessible to those using it for streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio.

Boston Music, which is owned by the Boston Celtics, has over 150,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel.

In December, Boston Music had to shut its website down after a similar petition was launched on Change of Law, which seeks to “stop the Boston Boston Music company from blocking the internet.”

The petition, which received over 1,600 signatures, stated that Boston Music’s website is “the world’s leading online music portal” and “is currently blocked in its entirety.”

It also demanded that Boston’s Music Portal be open and “open to the general public.”

The Boston Music website is now open to anyone, including those using the service for streaming music services.

The petition for a complete reopening of Boston Music was sent to all Boston Music users on December 19.

However, Boston’s company confirmed to The Jerusalem Report that the company will be opening up the website on January 1.

“We are currently opening up a new website for Boston MUSIC, which will allow you to search for music, listen to the music, and play it,” a spokesperson told The Jerusalem Reporters.

“The site will be updated with all the latest information on Boston’s musicians and events, and the Boston Globe will be able to bring you the latest news and updates.”

The spokesperson added that the site will also be open to people who are looking for music recommendations from Boston Music on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Boston Boston Musician website is currently blocked, but is not the only one.

Boston’s Music portal has also been blocked for over a year, with the Boston Public Library, the Boston Marathon, and other events all being inaccessible to anyone using the Boston-based company’s music portal.

The company has been accused of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which prohibits the “dissemination of copyrighted material without the prior permission of the copyright owner.”

In March, a Boston-area law firm filed a complaint against the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston’s Boston Music Companies, claiming that the companies had been infringing on Boston music.

In November, a petition seeking the immediate reinstatement of Boston-owned Boston-listed Boston Music as a Boston Music property, as well as the restoration of access to Boston’s official website and channels, was submitted to Change.

Org, which has over 1.7 million signatures.

“In a nutshell, Boston is an online music hub and Boston Music is a service that enables Boston-affiliated musicians to make music in Boston,” the petition stated.

“Boston-based musicians have historically had limited access to the Boston music industry and Boston-related music content, as Boston-specific musicians have had to go through the Boston public libraries or the Boston Fire Department to obtain official Boston Music releases.”

The website for the Boston Orchestra was also blocked, and in October, Boston Public Libraries temporarily blocked access to a Boston Symphony website, claiming it was infringing on the Boston orchestra’s right to access music and content.

The website of the Boston Philharmonic was also temporarily blocked on January 15, 2017, and later restored on January 26, 2017.

On January 1, a representative for Boston-linked Boston Music confirmed to the Jerusalem Reporter that the band was back online.

“Bassist Mike Gatto (who is currently performing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and lead vocalist Sarah Vosberg are currently in Boston, and are looking forward to reconnecting with Boston fans again,” said a spokesperson for Boston