There are plenty of companies that are using Apple Music to compete with Spotify and other streaming services.

But a new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple is also developing a new music streaming service, called Musixmatch, that could be more compelling.

The company is currently testing a new streaming service that it says will be “a premium streaming service for the music industry, which has a huge need for a premium experience.”

The report claims that MusixMatch is going to offer more music, more artists, and a better catalog.

The new service, according to the report, will launch this year and will include a premium music player that will “match artists to genres, tracks, and songs, including classical, pop, indie, and contemporary music.”

The company is also working on “premium access for artists that want to access their catalog of music without paying a subscription fee.”

Musixmatch will be a free service, but it will also be priced at $10 per month, or $8.99 per month for Apple Music subscribers.

According to the WSJ, Musixmatters premium service will also include an array of features, including a “subscription service that includes premium content, an artist loyalty program, and an advertising-free experience.”

Musical artist Sam Smith has long been an advocate of streaming services, and Apple is a big player in that space.

In fact, according, the CEO of Apple Music, David Marcus, said that Apple has been paying artists a premium to put out new music since 2013.

“It’s become pretty clear that Spotify is the only place that we can really compete with Apple and that we have a pretty solid relationship with Spotify, so we want to try to be as aggressive and as aggressive as possible,” Marcus said.