A songwriter who helped launch the careers of Steve Jobs and Kanye West is dead at 88.

Songwriter and music producer Lee Ji Sung passed away in Seoul on Tuesday.

He was born in South Korea on February 11, 1924, and graduated from the University of Seoul in 1959.

He is credited with creating the music for the hit TV drama “Lee Jin Hwan” (My Song) and its sequels.

He also collaborated with Kanye West on the hit songs “Gold Digger” and “Bound 2”.

He is best known for his collaborations with Kim Ki Hoon and Park Jae Suk.

He had a wife, Kim Kyung Hoon, who was also a writer.

His son, Lee Sang-woo, is a founding member of Korea’s biggest hip-hop label, Big Hit Entertainment.

A representative for the rapper told The Associated Press he passed away at his home in Seoul, where he was recovering from complications from cancer.