An advertisement in a local newspaper claims a band will be playing a concert at a venue in Melbourne’s west tomorrow, and if you want to know who will be joining them, you need to go to the ticket office.

In a video of the event, which has been widely shared on social media, a young man can be seen with a sign that reads: “The name of this band is Gola Music Company”.

Gola Music is a group of artists and musicians who operate out of Sydney’s west.

The group has been playing gigs around Australia since 2013, and has since been featured in popular music shows.

A spokesperson for the group told Radio Australia that they had been approached by an Australian radio station to perform at a concert in Melbourne on Saturday night, but had not been approached.

“We had contacted the station to say we were interested in doing something with them, and were told they wanted to know whether we had any gigs lined up,” the spokesperson said.

Gola said it was not aware of the radio station’s request.

“It would be a complete misunderstanding if we didn’t understand that.

It’s an opportunity to showcase what we do,” the group’s spokesperson told Radio AM.

While the band’s logo says it is a new music company, the group was established in 2013 and has played music around the world.