IGN is reporting that Lyons music and AcME Music have announced a collaboration to develop and market new, high-end home theater products. 

The announcement was made on behalf of the Lyons brand and its music. 

Acme is currently developing the Lyon X3 Home Theater, a system that will cost $4,999, according to an insider, and is set to launch in January. 

Lyons has also developed the Lyson X2 Smart Theater, which is set for a mid-market price of $1,499. 

We’re told that the LyONS Smart Theater will be available for preorder at a launch event for select markets. 

As with all collaboration deals, the price tag on the deal is subject to change. 

Additionally, Acme’s Smart Theater and Lyons X3 are both set to be available at the same price point. 

This is the second collaboration between the two companies in less than a month. 

Earlier this month, the two announced a partnership to create an affordable digital music service for the home theater market. 

Both companies also announced partnerships with Sony and Panasonic to create a new line of home theater accessories. 

With the introduction of the new products, it looks like the competition for the consumer market is getting a little more crowded.