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The Madison music studio is back in business after a long and bitter battle with the music industry. 

It was announced Wednesday that the Madison and Garrison Music companies will merge to create the Madison Music Group, which will be headed by CEO David Madison. 

The new Madison Group will focus on music publishing, licensing, music and other music business interests, according to the Company website. 

“This new group will be led by David Madisons wife, and she has the vision, vision and expertise to bring the best of Madison into the 21st century,” the company stated in a statement. 

Madisons wife is Linda Madison, who has been managing Madison’s company for 20 years. 

While the two companies are not related, they share some similar traits, including the Madison name and the Garrison Music name. 

 “We are extremely excited about the future of our music industry and are looking forward to building a new era of creativity and innovation for all of us who love music,” Garrison Music CEO Greg Allen said in a release. 

This is a developing story.