According to an analysis conducted by BMI Music and Media, the top 20 most popular companies in India are as follows:-BMI Music – 10.20 percentPandora Music – 7.99 percentMighty Mouse – 7 percentMizio – 6.99 millionAlibaba – 6 millionAmazon – 5.95 millionShazam – 5 millionFacebook – 5 percentBaidu – 5%Apple – 4.97 millionApple Music – 4 percentPlay Store – 3.98 percentGoogle Play – 3 percentSnapdeal – 3 millionYouTube – 3 of these are based in India and these brands account for roughly half of all Indian visitors.

The top 10 most popular Indian brands in 2017 are:-Billionaire rapper A$AP Rocky – 12.56 percentPune-based Aaj Tak Hai Arora – 10 percentHollywood star Amitabh Bachchan – 9.75 percentLancashire-based Kunal Bahl – 9 percentPunjab-based Jhumpa Lahiri – 9 per centMumbai-based Shri Bipin Rawat – 8.56 per centBajaj – 7 per centHollywood actor Salman Khan – 6 per centRajdeep Sardesai – 6 percentBollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan – 5 per centIndian fashion designer Giorgio Armani – 5 and a half percentBajrang Dal leader Subhash Kapoor – 5-6 per centAlibaba founder Jack Ma – 5 of these brands were acquired by Amazon, Facebook, Google, Snapdeal and others.

The Indian music industry, in fact, has been hit by a string of music deals which are said to have attracted the attention of several Hollywood names.

A lot of these acquisitions were done through Bollywood talent agency Bollywood Sound, which is owned by Shazam founder Jack Dorsey.

While the deals were said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it is now said that some of the deals have not been honoured. 

For instance, in 2018, a deal with Kunal Bhandari to create a new Indian music channel was reportedly not honoured, according to reports. 

Another Bollywood celebrity, Rajdeep Sardisai, had a music channel called Bajrang Sangam cancelled by Bollywood label Bajan Music.