The Australian startup music company amy, which makes music-focused apps for Apple, has raised $400,000 in seed funding from a group led by billionaire investor Anand Giridharadas.

Amy is one of the most-used music-based apps for iOS devices, with more than 300 million users, according to Apple.

The company has been selling the app through Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Prime Music.

The company has a mobile app called Amy, which was developed in conjunction with Microsoft and was originally released for the Microsoft Lumia 900 and Lumia 930 devices.

Amy’s main selling point is that it integrates with Pandora and Apple Music and provides a simple way for users to share music with their friends.

In this interview with the ABC, Amy CEO and co-founder Alex Kudrow talks about the success of the app, the challenges of developing a successful mobile app and how she’s making a difference in the world.

Amy’s co-founders Alex Kuda and Andrew Pohle say that the app has been a huge success on Apple’s app store and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Mr Kuda says the app will not be free. “

We think Amy is an important and unique opportunity to tap into the power of the App Store to bring music to a broader audience.”

Mr Kuda says the app will not be free.

Amy is currently seeking a partner for a licensing agreement.

“We are still working on a pricing structure and a product that we believe is the right fit for Amy, but it will be a subscription based model,” he said.

“For us, this is a significant investment and a win-win for us.”

Mr Pohles, co-CEO of the company, says the company has made substantial investments to develop the app and is now ready to take on more challenges.

“The team is working extremely hard to improve Amy’s core product and deliver on its promise to bring the music experience to a wider audience,” Mr Pohlies said.

Amy plans to continue to develop new features and content, he added.

“With over 40 million downloads, Amy has been the most used music-related app on the Apple Store since launch,” Mr Kuda added.

The startup is also working on expanding its mobile platform.

It will be launching an app called iPlayMusic, which is designed for people to listen to music on their smart phones, as well as an app to give listeners access to their own Spotify playlist.

Mr Pohl said Amy’s team has also invested heavily in marketing.

“Our team has been doing massive marketing and advertising work to promote Amy on all fronts,” he added, adding that the company had recently released its first ad campaign, which includes the Amy and Amy Plus logo.

“Amy is a big part of the success story for Amy,” Mr O’Neill said.