In the age of streaming, streaming is the new record.

It’s not just music.

It is the future of how we listen to music.

As streaming continues to grow and expand, new platforms and services have emerged to make it easy to stream music from the web, from mobile, and from your TV.

The same music is played on all these platforms, whether it’s your favourite songs, your favourite artists, or the best artists of the past or the most recent.

This has led to a new level of accessibility for musicians.

The result?

A wider range of songs to choose from, and a richer experience than ever before.

And now, in the year 2020, there’s a new generation of music lovers out there who are using Spotify and other streaming platforms to listen and enjoy their favourite music, even when they’re at home.

This year, the music industry is seeing a big growth in music streaming subscriptions, as many people turn to these platforms as a way to listen without having to physically get into their home.

But what if you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to listen on a daily basis and get that great music experience without paying for a subscription?

Here are five ways you can listen to your favourite music while you work from home, while still having the freedom to listen anywhere.


Use your laptop or tablet for work