The peace musical, based on the story of the Irish freedom fighters who fought in World War II, is due to be released on Friday.

It will be released by the Irish Music Publishing Company, a major US music publishing company.

The group have released music in the past including their 2007 album, ‘I Was There’, which was nominated for a Grammy Award for best album.

Their latest release, called ‘Peace’, is an album of songs that celebrate the end of the war.

The band say they have been working for three years on the album and were ready to announce it earlier this year, when they got a call from the US Department of Defence, which was looking to release it for free.

It was the first time that the album had been released for free in the US, so it was a huge honour to be able to share the album with the people who helped to bring it to life.

It’s a very emotional time, it’s a time of national celebration, it feels like an incredible moment in time, said Irish singer-songwriter Sean O’Connor, who will perform the song.

It is the end, and we have to get on with life, he said.

We all have a job, and it’s time to get back to it, he added.

The peace musical will be written and recorded in the United States by Irish producer Mark Smith, and will be produced by O’Conner.

O’Connor’s wife, Joanne, who is also an actor, is a singer-performer in her own right.

She said the album will be an “emotional and beautiful” release, adding: “I feel honoured to have been part of it, and I know that there are so many people who love it that will go into it.

The album will feature some of the music of the peace fighters who were part of the liberation movement in Ireland, including songs written by members of the band, as well as a number of songs written specifically for the release, including ‘A Good Man Is Always A Good Man’.

It will also feature a number from the peace music company’s latest album ‘Peace, Music and Love’.

The music will also be used for the documentary ‘In the House’ that will be shown at the Irish Parliament on Friday, which is the band’s annual Christmas show.

The Irish government has been in talks with the US for about two years about a release for free, but no deal has been reached.”

The United States government has a very good relationship with Ireland, it has supported the Irish independence movement and we are very much looking forward to having this album released,” said Minister for Music, Tourism and Sport Damien O’Sullivan.