A new venture from the Madison music giant, Madison Media, has announced it will open a U.C. Berkeley studio and a California studio to work on new music, and is partnering with the U of C’s Film and Music Department to explore opportunities for its students to pursue careers in film and music.

Madison Media said the new studio will be the first for a California-based music company in North America and will provide a full-time, part-time and internship opportunity for students pursuing an education in film or music.

Madison’s CEO John McAlister said the studio will provide students with the opportunity to pursue a career in film production, music composition, choreography, photography, design and film production.

The studio will offer classes in film, photography and film animation, he said.

It will also focus on producing new films and projects for distribution in North American, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Madisons goal is to offer students a place to build a career.

The company is currently working on three films that will be produced at the studio.

The first, titled Madison: The World is a City, will focus on the film of the same name.

The project was produced in collaboration with Madisons students, McAlisters said.

The second film, titled The World Is Not a City: A New Story, is being produced by Madisons faculty and students.

The story will explore the lives of a group of people who are trying to live their dreams, he added.

The third project, called Madison, is a musical collaboration between Madison students and artists.

McAlsisters said the film will focus primarily on the Madisons student musicians who are taking the music of Madison to the next level.

The new studio, he noted, is expected to be ready for occupancy by spring of 2019.

McAlsister said Madisons new U.A.C., a music and film program that is housed in a space adjacent to the existing Madison campus, will be able to help facilitate the new Madison studio and its new facility.

The U. of A.C./Madison partnership has produced more than 300 films and music projects, including the award-winning Madison Film Festival.

Madisons students are also collaborating with U of A., he said, to create a new Madisons Film & Music program to create student-produced film.