PANDORA MUSIC COMPANY: The company was founded in 2002 by Steve Albini and Peter Van Valkenburg, and has grown into one of the world’s largest music publishers.

It is owned by the PaineWebster family, who also owns the Associated Press.

The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, and is one of several Dutch-based music companies that are also owned by Paine Webster family.

Surs MUSIC CONTRACT COMPANY, A B C: Surs Music is a Dutch company founded in 2009.

Its registered offices are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The name comes from the Scandinavian word for a dog, “surs.”

It has a strong presence in the United Kingdom and is owned in part by the family of Paine Webster, whose name is spelled Paine.

PANDA MUSIC: Panada Music is owned jointly by the Albini family and Van Varkenburg, with the help of former Surs Entertainment head Peter van Valkenberg.

The Albini brothers, Steve and John, have made their fortune through music.

Van Vankenberg was the chief executive of Surs and is now head of Panada Music.

The band is named after a German word for “bird.”

It is one among many bands owned by a family with ties to the British Empire, which also owns several music labels.

SUR MUSIC GROUP: In 2010, the Albinis bought Surs, which they bought in 2013 for a record $300 million.

The deal was described as a “franchise-shifting” deal that could eventually include other Surs music companies.

The companies are now jointly owned by Surs parent company Paine Music, and the Albinins’ other music publishing company, Universal Music Group.

The two companies operate in a variety of ways.

Universal Music owns the music publishing companies, Surs Publishing Group and Universal Music, with Universal Music managing both of the Albins’ companies.

UMG MUSIC LIMITED: Umg Music Limited was founded by John Paine in 2007.

The brothers have long been in business together.

John Pain is an investor in Surs.

In addition to being an investor, John Pains sons David and Richard are also co-founders of UMG.

David Paine is chairman and CEO of Umg Music.

Richard Paine, a former vice president of Universal Music’s U.K. subsidiary, Universal Musical, was an executive at Surs in London at the time of the Surs acquisition. NEXT PAGE: