A couple of months ago, I wrote about how I’d stopped using iTunes to listen to music and how it was a major pain in the ass for me.

And now that I’m a paid subscriber to the service, I’m seeing more and more reviews and comments like mine from my former fans.

The problem with these reviews is that they often focus on the songs in the album, rather than the artists, making them feel more like sales reports than legitimate reviews.

I know I’m not the only one, as I have hundreds of reviews and hundreds of comments that talk about songs on the iTunes album and how great it is, but it’s hard to know what to make of them if they don’t seem like genuine reviews.

The best way to avoid these reviews in the future is to change your iTunes profile picture, or make your profile picture more distinctive and distinguishable from the others in your iTunes library.

You can do this by making your profile photo and album art different colors and using an image from an Apple product instead of a logo, like a logo of the product you’re using or an icon for your store.

The more unique your profile and album image, the better.

Another great way to change the profile picture of your iTunes account is to add a “Personalize iTunes” button to the top of the iTunes home screen.

When this is selected, you can customize the look and feel of your profile, your album, and your store pages.

This is an easy way to give your iTunes reviews a new and more personalized appearance, while also improving the overall user experience for everyone.

Here’s how to do it: Go to iTunes and open your profile or album.

If you want to make it look more unique, choose an image that you like.

Click on the “Personalized iTunes” option at the top.

You’ll see a new icon in the upper-right corner that you can choose from.

Click on it.

This will take you to a page with a “Change Profile” button that you’ll need to click on to change.

Choose an image you like and click on the button.

Once you’re done, you’ll be taken to a new page with the option to change “Appearance”.

You can choose the “New Profile” option and the “Style” button will appear.

The “Style Icon” will appear as a gradient in the top left corner.

Click the “Apply” button and the change will take place.

You can also choose to change it back to the default.

The change is visible on all your profile pages and all your albums.

This makes it easy to quickly adjust your profile photos and albums to fit your tastes.

Finally, you need to change Apple Music’s “Music Store” settings so that your iTunes album is visible to everyone.

Go to the Settings menu and choose General.

Open the “Music” section and scroll down to “Spotify” and click the “Manage” button.

Enter your iTunes username and password, then select “Manual”.

The new Settings menu should now look like this: Click the “Save” button in the lower-right-hand corner to save your changes.

You should now see the new “Spotified” section on your music library.

If it’s not working, you probably need to create a new profile.

Here’s how: Go to iTunes, then go to the “My Music” section.

If there’s nothing there, check the box next to “Manually” to change from the default to this new setting.

If everything looks OK, select the “Change Music Store” option from the list.

Select the “Spotification” icon from the “General” menu.

If that’s not visible, you may need to enter your iTunes user name and password.

After you’re finished, you should see the “Settings” section in your new iTunes store.

Click it.

You’re done!

You can then choose to add or remove tracks and albums from your iTunes catalog by going to the songs and albums section in the iTunes Store.

In addition to the new profile, you might also want to change how your music is displayed on your store page, or if you’re a fan of a specific artist or artist’s music.

To do this, go to “Settings.”

Go to “Profile” in the “Store” menu and click “Manages.”

Choose “Settings”.

Click “Profile.”

In the “Profile Settings” section, you will see a “Profile Manager” section that you should add or delete your own profile from.

If all else fails, you could try to contact the artist directly to let them know that you’re changing their profile picture.

If this doesn’t work, you have options.

If you want your iTunes store pages to be a bit more user-friendly, you’re going to need to set the “Background” and “Background Image” options in iTunes’ settings