A music placement company could potentially help Spotify, one of the most sought after music services in the world, to build a loyal audience by connecting them with the right people.

While Spotify is currently in a state of flux, the company is already working to attract and nurture a larger audience, and it could be an opportunity to make the platform even more compelling to advertisers, according to a new report.

According to the report from Digital Music News, the music service will soon start a new app to connect people with other users.

The app will allow users to add music to their queue, which Spotify can then use to place ads alongside that music.

The report suggests that the app could help Spotify build its user base by connecting people with music creators, giving it a larger reach.

Spotify has a number of music artists, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj, but there’s no indication that these users are fans of the service, as the app does not feature any ads for the music.

Spotify has been struggling with a lack of a dedicated music platform for its users, and the app might be a good way for the company to reach new users without any ads.

It could also allow Spotify to continue its successful ad-free model, which has drawn criticism for not offering a free tier to music creators.

It has previously been criticized for not doing this with other platforms like YouTube, which it used to monetize, or with the mobile app of the BBC, which offers free access to its content.

With Spotify’s growing audience, the service could also gain new users from a large segment of its users who are likely to be older and who are more likely to not be fans of music in the first place.

As long as Spotify continues to attract new users to its platform, it could find itself in a similar situation to Pandora and other music streaming services, which have struggled to find an audience.

With the popularity of music services like Pandora and Spotify growing, the companies could benefit greatly from a larger pool of customers, and they could potentially benefit from their music-based advertising.

Spotify is already struggling with ad revenue, as most of its audience is not paying for music.

It may not be a huge win for Spotify, which will likely have to rely on its existing users to help it keep paying for ads on its platform.

But it could potentially have a huge impact on other music services.