Warner Music has changed its policies for many millions of student-athletes, the music industry has learned.

But there are some big changes ahead for some of the most valuable athletes in the world.ESPN.com’s Mike Wise joins ESPN Insider Matt Lauer to talk about how Warner Music is changing its policies and the industry’s response to the change.

For a few years now, the company has been rolling out changes to its policies to help students and coaches prepare for and play football.

For some, those changes were quite significant.

The changes have been significant, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Accenture.

According to Accenture, the majority of colleges have changed their policies for some players, but the biggest change comes from Warner Music.

Warner Music’s music policy change, according the company, is significant for two reasons: First, it allows students to sign up for full scholarships and the company is changing how the scholarship is awarded to the student.

Second, the change allows the company to offer students the ability to play a video game or an app.

The new policy for student-coach athletes comes on the heels of a yearlong investigation that looked at Warner Music’s handling of student athletes.

Accenture’s report said the company’s policies were overly aggressive and made no effort to promote the use of technology, even when that’s where the player was playing.

A yearlong review by Warner Music found the company was not only aggressive in its marketing of its players, it was actively promoting and selling its players to students and was also actively ignoring the use or promotion of social media by students.

The company was also not transparent about the number of players it was offering scholarships for.

It only shared that it offered up to six players to each student, said Accenture in its report.

The companies policies have caused some schools to rethink their policies and some to be more open.

In the first half of 2017, Warner Music and its parent company Warner Music Group agreed to change the way it offers scholarships.

Warner also agreed to give up some of its advertising revenue.

It’s also important to note that Warner Music will be able to continue to sell student-teacher scholarships to student-players through the end of the school year.

Warner Music students will still be able buy the scholarship.

In terms of how Warner is changing student-football policies, it is giving the company a big break.

The policy change will be announced next month.

It will also be a boon for players and their parents.

Warrior has faced criticism for its marketing and marketing tactics and its tactics in the sports world, particularly after former NFL player Josh Norman said he had been banned from participating in the NFL due to the company.

In its latest policy change to be announced Friday, Warner will offer scholarship packages of $2,500 and $5,000 to players and coaches.

Players and coaches can receive up to $1 million for their first scholarship.

Players and coaches will also receive a full scholarship in the event they play in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Warriors’ players and coaching staff will receive a one-time scholarship for their third year.

Players with more than $10,000 in scholarships will also have the option to receive a second year of tuition.

All of this will help make Warner Music more valuable to the companies students and players, said Chris Burtch, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Burtch said the policies are a major shift and he hopes to see some of Warner’s other schools follow suit.

The changes are great for Warner and good for the industry,” Burtcher said.”

This is great for the students, it’s great for everyone and we’re excited to see Warner’s policies continue to evolve.

The change we’ve seen at other schools will help bring in more money and create more opportunity for our students.

“For Warner Music, the move to change its policies has been an important one.

The policy change could be one of the biggest changes to the way the company handles student-student relations in the future.

For Warner, the biggest benefit is the way its players and its coaches can continue to use social media, which Warner will now be able offer in conjunction with its student-player scholarship programs.

This will help Warner create more student-owner awareness, BurtCHP’s BurtChop said.

Bennett’s plan to continue playing college football after his freshman year at Washington State and the NCAA tournament was a big factor in Warner’s decision to change policy.

Burt, Bennett and Burt’s family members played at a time when they weren’t playing college, so Bennett was able to stay in the sport and play.

Warner has been offering a scholarship to all players who sign up in 2017, Birtch said.

The NCAA also changed its policy for football players in 2017.

It has changed how it awards scholarships to students.

Players now are able to sign with up to two schools and can participate in