The music industry is a $1.7 trillion industry, with more than a billion songs sold in 2016 alone, and the vast majority of these albums and singles are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Spotify and Apple Music are the two biggest, but there are plenty of smaller music companies and artists who have been making the leap into the mainstream.

Music lovers can now stream music via these services, but if you want to listen to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Drake on your PC or mobile device, you’re going to need to have a dedicated player.

As for the rest, there are hundreds of options available, from streaming services to mobile apps, all of which work on Windows, iOS, Android, and Apple devices.

Here are the major labels’ music services, what they offer, and how to get them.

Spotify is the largest and most popular streaming service, but it also has a wide variety of other music services.

Spotify music library The Spotify Music Library is the service that allows users to access and listen to their Spotify music, while also providing access to hundreds of other popular music catalogs, from old-school classic to modern dance tracks.

There are also subscription services that give you access to additional tracks, albums, and more, with each one of these services costing $10.

There’s also a monthly subscription for $15, and a yearly subscription for just $10, while the annual subscription is $9.

If you’re an active Spotify user, you’ll also be able to stream songs from all of your Spotify friends.

For those who just want to get rid of old Spotify, there’s also the Free Spotify service that will let you play any song from your library on any device.

There isn’t a Spotify Music Player for iOS or Android, but the company has a Chrome extension called Spotify Play.

It offers a Spotify-style app interface, with a full catalog of songs and albums, a library manager, and support for the most popular devices in the world.

The company also has apps for Android phones and tablets.

Apple Music has also become the most prominent music streaming service of the year, as its streaming music library now has more than 5 million songs.

Apple is an important player in the music industry, as it’s the biggest music publisher in the US, and its streaming services include the Apple Music app, Apple Music Premium, and iTunes.

Apple offers multiple streaming services in its catalogue, and it offers access to millions of artists and artists.

Spotify has a massive catalog of artists, and as well as offering streaming services, it also offers the Spotify Music app.

The music streaming platform also has its own app for iOS and Android, the Music Manager app, which is free for those who subscribe to Spotify Premium, a paid tier that offers access on a per-stream basis.

It also offers a curated playlist, which you can see at the top of the Spotify home screen.

Apple also has music-related apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, but as of today, there isn’t an iOS version.

Spotify offers a streaming music service for Mac and Linux users.

The Spotify app offers a dedicated music player, and there are also a number of paid apps for iOS.

Spotify’s free-music services also include an in-app purchase, which lets you pay $10 per month to stream certain songs.

Spotify Music Store has a number more of its own music content than its streaming service and it’s one of the most useful services to listen too.

The streaming music app offers curated albums, curated playlists, and curated play charts.

There is also a dedicated play chart that lists the most downloaded and played songs.

There aren’t a lot of paid Spotify Music services, as the company doesn’t sell advertising on its service, though some of its paid subscription programs have advertising.

Apple has a Spotify playlist for Mac users.

Spotify recently announced that its service is coming to Windows and iOS, and you can start paying for Spotify Music today.

If Apple Music isn’t for you, you can also buy a subscription for Apple Music for $14.99 per month.

You can also subscribe to Apple Music in multiple currencies, which gives you access in all currencies around the world, including Euros, $, and $GBP.

Apple music streaming services have also been expanding their streaming offerings to include streaming in different languages, so if you’re a German, French, Spanish, or Dutch speaker, you might be able find yourself in good company with Spotify.

Spotify also has the option to include a variety of digital audio features into its streaming, including the ability to stream tracks on your device to your phone or iPod Touch.

You’ll also find Spotify Radio in the streaming service.

Spotify Radio has a variety to its streaming offerings, including access to radio stations, news programs, and other content.

Spotify now has an iOS app, so you can listen to Spotify Radio on your iPhone or iPad.

Spotify Plus is a subscription service