With a record-breaking year in 2016, the industry is on the brink of a new peak.

According to research from Music Charts, which compiles data from more than 10,000 music industry experts, 2017 is set to be the year of the artist.

This year’s music industry is more diverse than ever before, with more artists making their music on a variety of platforms, and more people listening to it on more devices than ever.

It’s the year that we all deserve to see the industry reach its potential, according to music industry expert Peter Singer.

Music Charted CEO Peter Singer speaks with Wired about the challenges that face the industry as it matures and what the industry could look like in the future.

The data is so good at this point, we should be talking about the trends and what’s happening in the industry right now, he said.

The industry is moving forward, and we’ve seen it over the last decade.

The best musicians of the last five years are coming from the best artists, and the best of the best are coming out of the top artists.

But there’s a lot of noise and a lot more competition than ever, Singer said.

It just takes time for the music industry to develop and grow, he added.

So what are some of the trends you’re seeing in the music business?

For the most part, people are really enjoying music right now.

But the more people you talk to, the more you start to see trends and a whole lot of new things.

Music is still in the growth phase right now with a lot to do, Singer explained.

So it’s kind of like an iterative process that’s taking place right now right now that I think is very promising.

There’s so much room for improvement, and that’s something that’s happening right now in terms of the growth of the industry, he explained.

What are some things that the industry should be focusing on?

For example, the big music festivals, where people can come and listen to music on their phones, and it’s free.

There are a lot people that want to be at those festivals and really experience music, but that’s a challenge that the music companies are taking on.

That’s a huge opportunity.

I’m very hopeful for the future, Singer continued.

The music industry, like most industries, has its ups and downs.

But as the industry matures, it’s going to have more and more innovation and new things that are coming to the industry.

What’s the biggest thing the industry can do to make sure that it continues to thrive in the years ahead?

The industry has to find new ways to do this, but it’s also got to find ways to grow, Singer emphasized.

We’re seeing some great artists like Drake, and Kanye West and all the other great artists that are taking a leap forward.

So the next decade, the next 20 years, is going to be about that.